The COVID-19 pandemic is one the human race won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Countries all over the globe were ill-prepared to handle the virus and its consequences. Measures put in place to control the spread of the virus has had adverse effects on the economy of all countries affected. Businesses, in particular, was dealt a hard blow, patronage for all products and services has steadily declined in hard-hit nations. Economic activity in several sectors has been declining, which has affected large corporations and also small businesses. Online stores and websites have seen a rapid fall in subscriptions and customers. This also means patronage to programmers and Perth web design specialists that help manage their store is on the decline.

How do you market your business during COVID-19 1

Australian businesses have to adapt to these trying times to ensure they survive. In this article, we are going to talk about ways to market your business during this pandemic. The strategies and techniques mentioned in this article should work for most companies. It doesn’t matter if you provide products or you’re a Perth website design expert.

Here is a list of ways to market your business during the COVID-19 pandemic:

•    Adjust all messages and content sent out by your business

•    Offer clients reduced price offers

•    Be creative

•    Be sensitive about the pandemic

•    Provide support when you can

1.    Adjust all messages and content sent out by your business

This should be the first step carried out by your company to market yourself better. It is all about consideration the message your business sends out through all forms of media. You have to ensure everything put out by your business reflects the situation at hand. You may decide to educate people about the virus, therefore, putting your business out there. Your business can help promote methods of avoiding the spread of the virus. If you were running ads to attract customers, then stopping or reducing the number of Ads should be done so as not to seem like you are capitalizing on the pandemic. You can also draft new content to try to stay connected with customers. This can help connect clients and businesses more.

2.    Offer clients reduced price offers

All businesses need to play a part in the fight against the COVID-19 virus. Offering your clients reduced price offers shows you care about clients and have their best interests at heart. A price-cut may not seem like a useful thing to do at a time like this. At the end of the day, what matters is that we all pull through this together to avoid a systematic disruption to the economy. The price cut can also be a way to market your product or services as people would inform others when they get great deals. You can offer payment plans that allow clients to pay for your products or services in several instalments. This will help with clients who can’t spend a large amount of cash presently.

3.    Be creative

This is an essential aspect of marketing your business during the COVID-19 pandemic. The market is experiencing changes and disruptions due to uncertainties caused by the spread of the virus. Your company has to come up with creative ways that make customers want to spend money. The innovative measures may include:

•    Marketing your products and services based on their health benefits

•    Rebrand your company to inform and educate people

•    Redesign your website to attract clients from other locations

•    Finds ways to connect customers while they are apart

This is just some of the ways businesses can be creative and market their products and services to clients. You can also come up with other innovative methods, just right for your business.

4.    Be sensitive about the pandemic

A lot of people are going through tough situations, and you have to be sympathetic in your dealings with clients. How you converse with clients during this period will determine how you are viewed after things start getting back to normal. It’s normal for people to experience increased fear and negativity during a health crisis, which is where your business comes into play. You can be a source of positivity showing your regard for humanity to clients. Helping sensitize the public helps improve brand recognition while contributing to the end of the pandemic. It is important to note that while being positive one should not be ignorant of the realities of this pandemic. If messages are sent out by your business, they should be in tune with directives given out by reputable health bodies.

5.    Provide support when you can

Everyone has been affected one way or the other by this pandemic. Providing support to those in need is something all businesses are encouraged to do during harsh times. Showing your customers support and helping where you can is not just admirable but helps form strong bonds. This can be in the form of free trials or freebies you determine what you can give out. Giving out a course for free is another way to give back to society. You can set this up while building your mail list which would come in handy when you have info to share. Anything you can provide to the general public with products or services that could add value to their lives.


Sales all over the world are at an all-time low which is a consequence of the pandemic the world is facing. Businesses have to be flexible enough to respond accordingly to survive these trying times. How you market your business helps you position yourself for steady growth after the pandemic. When diligent marketing is carried out, it gives way to a renewed brand image which would help your sales significantly. There might be several other ways to market your business depending on your location and what you provide. No one can chart the right course you should take with your business as the world battles this pandemic. You have to study your surroundings to find out creative ways that work perfectly for your business.