How to start a Amazing eCommerce business

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Brick and mortar stores for businesses have been around for centuries, and they can be found all around the globe. In the past, they were the only way companies could operate, but this is changing rapidly. The emergency of the internet and advancement in technology now gives everyone the chance to own an automated profitable business. This is called an eCommerce store/business, and it gives you the benefits of a regular physical store without the impediments. 

Australian citizens can benefit immensely from running an eCommerce website that caters to the needs of clients locally or all over the world. It can be created and managed with no knowledge of web design. Several web design experts specialize in helping people set up Shopify or Woocommerc stores in Perth. You may decide to include a Perth web designer or any other designer in your team to sort out other technical aspects in the future.

The guide provides the essential tips needed to start a profitable eCommerce business from the comfort of your home. Starting an eCommerce business is as simple as following the steps below:

1.    Create your business website/store 

2.    Select/Research your products 

3.    Research other businesses/stores

4.    Optimize your store

5.    Promote your store

•    Create your website/store

When creating the perfect eCommerce business, one needs to makes great choices become they will determine how successful it will be. Most people believe you need years of web design knowledge to build a functional eCommerce store. This is not true; there are a lot of eCommerce platforms that make creating a store from scratch easy. The most popular platforms for eCommerce businesses are Shopify and Woocommerce. They provide an excellent interface that lets users design beautiful stores that can be easily customized. Some platforms offer clients excellent online support when setting up their business. If you decide to select another platform for your store, you can hire professional web designers in Perth to help sort out technical parts of the process. 

•    Select/Research your products 

Selecting the right products or services to provide is a crucial aspect of this process. It is advisable to conduct market research for specific products to determine how profitable they are to your business. Market research can be carried out with several online tools that are easy to get. Google trends search is an essential tool used for eCommerce owners to determine the relevance of specific products and services online. Another means of assessing the relevancy of goods is surfing through social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to notice what the general public needs at that time. Online stores like Amazon and Aliexpress also give an insight into what people are buying. You have to take all this into consideration to select the product that would do numbers for your business.

•    Research other businesses/stores

After setting up your store and selecting your products, the next step is researching your competitors. Doing this gives you insight into the practices and techniques used by successful businesses.  You then decide the methods you emulate and those you want to avoid altogether. This step is vital for people who are setting up their first business. It can provide you with enough information about competitors and customers. It also helps you identify winning products that other stores are taking for granted. Another primary reason why research is recommended is that it helps business owners understand the cost of operation and how to avoid practices that make stores fail.

Finding competitors in your niche is easy when you have the right tools, and as someone new to eCommerce, this can be challenging. Here is a list of tools available online to make things easier.

•    SEMrsuh

•    Ubersuggest

•    SightProfiler

•    Optimize your store 

Optimizing your store deals with how efficient your store is in attracting and converting leads. You have to ensure everything in your store works correctly. Lots of visitors would leave your site if they get frustrated or they do not understand a particular section of your store. You can avoid this by using a simplistic but aesthetic pleasure store design with moderate colors. It also helps to improve your website speed by removing unnecessary features. It is also essential to check how your store performed on mobile. You are going to have a substantial number of customers visiting your site on their mobile phones. Your store must run flawlessly on both web and mobile platforms.

•    Promote your store 

If you followed the steps above, you should have a correctly working eCommerce store that customers can shop on conveniently. You may have everything set up, but it doesn’t amount to much when customers don’t buy your products. Promoting your business can be an unnerving process due to the number of choices available. It is best to select the promotional method best for your business and the type of articles you hope to attract. You may choose to pay for publicity, or you may decide to grow your traffic gradually. 

Paying for publicity entails advertising online using Adwords or social networking sites like Instagram and Facebook. Depending on the type of advertisement you go for it can be quite expensive but it requires less time compared to other methods. 

If you decide to grow your traffic, you will make use of SEO, content marketing, and increasing your presence on social media. This type of promotion isn’t as expensive as running several ads, but it needs owners to invest their time, and it is sustainable in the long run.


When the steps above are adequately followed, you find that you have a beautiful eCommerce business. Ecommerce businesses can be run successfully in Australia with access to several experts to supply help in technical areas. There are several eCommerce websites in Perth which means when you encounter a problem you can find help quickly. As you gain more knowledge of eCommerce stores and their operation, you may decide to dive into advanced features. This means employing someone proficient and then should be Perth web design experts. An eCommerce web designer may also come in handy if you encounter a problem with your store. Ecommerce is the future, and we hope this guide supplies everything you need to build a store that’s perfect for you.


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