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Transform Your Online Presence with Managed WordPress Hosting Service to Get More Business.

At Exit Digital Marketing Agency , we take pride in delivering top-notch managed WordPress hosting services that have consistently demonstrated outstanding performance.

Our track record speaks for itself, as numerous satisfied customers have experienced the benefits of our managed WordPress hosting services. With us, you can concentrate on your website’s content and business goals while we ensure it performs at its best.

Managed Website Hosting perth
Managed WordPress Hosting in Perth


Everyone Ought To Know About Managed WordPress hosting Service

Why Choose Our Managed WordPress Hosting?

  • Blazing Speed: Our servers are optimized for WordPress, ensuring lightning-fast loading times for your website. Your visitors will enjoy a seamless and responsive user experience.

  • Security First: We prioritize the security of your website. Our robust security measures and regular updates keep your WordPress site protected from threats and vulnerabilities.

  • Automatic Backups: We understand the importance of your data. Our automated backup system ensures that your website’s data is safe and easily recoverable.

  • Scalability: Whether you’re running a small blog or a large e-commerce site, our hosting services are scalable to meet your needs as your website grows.

  • Optimized for SEO: Our hosting is designed to boost your website’s SEO performance, helping you rank higher in search engine results and attract more organic traffic.

Managed WordPress Hosting in Australia


CMS Maintenance​

Due to the frequent discovery of vulnerabilities and exploits, open-source website software requires frequent updates. The managed website and support services offered by EXITDMA can help you keep your CMS platform current.

  • Content Management System Updates: The primary reason for core updates in a content management system is security. In some cases, these updates are considered urgent, and our hosting partners, such as WP Engine, promptly deploy the latest versions of WordPress. If there is an impact on business hours, Exit Digital Marketing Agency will notify you of these updates and provide information on expected downtime.
  • Plugin Updates: While not as critical as CMS updates for website health, plugin updates require regular attention. However, deploying these updates can be more delicate, as they may conflict with recent CMS updates or custom website code. Exit Digital Marketing Agency’s support services are always available to handle plugin upgrades upon your request.

Frequently Asked Questions

ask anything ABOUT Our managed website hosting

 Managed WordPress hosting is a specialized hosting service designed exclusively for WordPress websites. It offers features and services tailored to WordPress, such as automatic updates, performance optimization, security enhancements, and expert support. It aims to simplify the management of WordPress websites for users who want to focus on content and business rather than technical aspects.

Managed WordPress hosting is optimized specifically for WordPress, whereas regular hosting is more generic and may host various types of websites. Managed WordPress hosting typically includes features like one-click WordPress installation, automatic updates, WordPress-specific caching, and support from experts who are knowledgeable about the platform.

Managed WordPress hosting is suitable for most WordPress websites, especially those with medium to high traffic or e-commerce sites. However, it may not be necessary for very small or low-traffic WordPress blogs, as it can be relatively more expensive than shared hosting. Users should evaluate their specific needs and budget when choosing a hosting plan.

The cost of managed WordPress hosting varies depending on the hosting provider, the level of service, and the resources needed. Prices can range from $40 to $100 or more per month. Some providers offer tiered plans with different features, so it’s essential to choose a plan that aligns with your website’s requirements and budget.

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