Top 20 Local Directories for Web Designers in 2023 – Best Picks

Top 20 Local Directories for Web Designers

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In the current age, people in Perth are going to directories to get more information about the businesses they are looking for. Getting listed to a local has some benefits to a small business such as increasing website traffic, boosting sales, improving brand awareness and visibility, driving more customer interaction and even benefiting your SEO ranking.

Having information that is consistent is vital for your listing to be a success for your business. If you are in Perth, Australia looking for a directory to list your business, there are a range of local directories that you can find to help you list your web designing services in Perth.

Business directories are in two types, specific niche directories and general multiple niche directories. Specific niche directories deal with a particular variety of business types that focus on a narrow range of niches, industries or subjects. They also have a specific group or audience that they focus on.

A directory might decide to focus on website design in Perth and will therefore only list the businesses that deal with web design services in Perth. A company like Exit Digital Marketing Agency that offers web design services in Perth can be listed here. General multiple niche directories include listings that focus on a wide range of business industries and they do not cater to any specific niche.

Finding the Best Local Directories For Web Designers in Australia

If you offer web design Perth or website design and hosting and you want to list your business in a directory in Australia, there are different directory lists that you will come across offering information on different businesses. Do not list your business on outdated directories as it will not only damage your SEO ranking on Google, but it will also be a water of your time. The reason that outdated directories will not be of much help is that they get their information from old lists. 

Other directories that you should avoid are directories that need you to make large unreasonable payments and directories that have no value or traffic at all. You may find that these directories have even been de-indexed by Google.

Here are some of the top 20 Australian documentaries that were ranked on the basis of Google search traffic. These are directories where you can find web designers in Perth, Australia or list your business if you are looking for exposure and to make your brand more visible. 

  1. Yellow pages

  1. True Local

  1. Yelp

  1. WOMO

  1. Infobel Australia

  1. Aussie Web

  1. Australian Planet

  1. Start local

  1. Super Pages

  1. Pink pages

  1. Hotfrog

  1. ShowMeLocal Australia

  1. Cylex

  1. Enroll Business AU

  1. Aussie hours

  1. Tuugo

  1. Search frog

  1. Fyple

  1. MisterWhat AU

  1. Savvy SME

How to list your web design business on a local directory

Prepare your business listing information

Listing on directories means that you will repeatedly share the same information. This means that you should gather all the information you need into one document to make the process easy for you. Here is one of the information that you may need to gather for listing: business titles, business phone number, business email, submission email address, links to social media, Business ABN, some images related to your business, about 3 business descriptions, and a square logo image.

To get the best out of the directories in Perth Australia, make sure that you make a search in each and every directory for the name of the business to make sure there no information that will be duplicated. Make your titles and descriptions unique to stand out and complete your listing as much as possible to get the maximum value out of it.

Use log-ins that are consistent and use an email that is dedicated to listing information. So not use a personal email for this. You can also get the best experience out of a listing by asking your customers to make reviews of your products and services on the directories. This will not only boost your profile, but it will also attract more people to your business and add some traffic to your business website.

Reasons why listing your web design business on a local directory is beneficial

  1. Search engine optimization/ Visibility

A local directory will not only help potential customers find your business more easily, but it will also give you exposure to other search engines like Google. When you have consistent information, your business appear more in search results, thus making it more visible. The search engine optimization aspect of the exposure will make your business will bring more people to your website. When your business is on a local directory, it is not likely to rank higher on Google since the business will seem legitimate and trustworthy.

  1. Building the profile of your web design brand

A listing on local directories is one of the ways that you can boost the profile of your brand. You will not only look more professional, but customers will also find your web design business more trustworthy. Having a listing that is detailed, unique and attractive will enhance the visibility of your business and will also be an easy and affordable way to advertise your business.

  1. Increased traffic

Listing your business in a local directory will make your business stand out as it will have a stronger online presence. The benefit of having increased exposure for your business is that it attract more customers to your website which will in turn improve your sales and ultimately your revenue will go up. Listing on several directories will be even more beneficial, as more people will be able to find your business and you will have more visits on your website. Exit Digital Marketing Agency can help you create a business website that you can add to your directory information to boost your traffic.


In conclusion, leveraging local directories for web designers in Perth, Australia can be a strategic move to enhance visibility, boost brand awareness, and drive more traffic to your business. By ensuring consistent and detailed listings across reputable directories, businesses can capitalize on improved SEO rankings and increased customer interactions. Moreover, listing on these directories not only fosters trustworthiness but also enhances the professional profile of your web design brand. Thus, investing time and effort into listing your web design business on local directories can yield significant benefits in terms of visibility, credibility, and ultimately, business growth.



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