Shopify or WooCommerce? Which Is Suitable Platform To Your Online Store

Shopify or WooCommerce for Your Stunning eCommerce Store?

Shopify or WooCommerce? Which one is suitable for your newly started business?

E-commerce has become significantly popular over the last decade and more people are embracing online stores. Technology has evolved enough to enable individuals to sit in their home and run an operational store online. Earnings from e-commerce stores is in the trillion range with positive projections. Anyone who wants to get in on the e-commerce trend has to select a platform to host their store. Shopify and woo-commerce are popular options used by several people all over the world to host their stores. You don’t need to be a Perth web design experts to own an eCommerce store.

We are going to compare both platforms in this article to find out which offers the best features for anyone who decides to venture into this business.

•    Navigation and store creation

•    Pricing and cost

•    Store operation (ownership)

•    Customization and features 

•    Payment methods

Please consider the below points before you decide on Shopify or WooCommerce for Your Stunning e-commerce Store.

1.    Navigation and store creation 

Speaking of navigation and store creation beginners have to select platforms that make the process easy. A superior eCommerce platform makes store creation easy enough for anyone who logs on to a computer. Most people think you need complex programming skills to construct a working store.


Woo-commerce is a service provided freely by WordPress for eCommerce store creation and operation. Due to it being operated by all you need to concern yourself with is acquiring appropriate plugins to help assemble your store to perfection. Its simple navigation allow people setups stores in no time.


Shopify is a devoted e-commerce platform that offers customers the ability to create and own beautiful stores. It has a simple navigation system that allows just about anyone design and manage their store exceptionally. 

They are both great platforms for first-time store owners who have no prior knowledge constructing stores. While woocommerce is said to be complex due to its plugins requirements from third parties. Alternatively, Shopify has everything one needs online to set up a functional store.

2.    Pricing and cost

The amount of capital required to run a store is an essential factor most people look out for before selecting a platform. Superior systems are those which are relatively inexpensive but bring adequate value to users. 


Just like a WordPress woocommerce is free to operate but there are some essential which are required beforehand. These important things include a domain name, hosting and an SSL certificate. While these essentials are expensive when gotten separately some sites offer plans that bring down the cost considerably. 


Shopify is a well-liked platform that offers users everything they need when they select a specific subscription. They have several plans that cost between $29 to $299 per month. These plans cover for benefits on-site one has to purchase third party programs if they desire to use them.

After evaluating the numbers Shopify is significantly more costly to run than woocommerce. Considering the special plans offered by some websites one can assemble a store on woocommerce at reduced cost.

3.    Store operation

This talks about how stores are managed and utilized by the owners and building platforms. Some platforms allow full access and to users to design their store as they see fit while others have some restrictions. 


Woocommerce functions on WordPress open-source software which makes users decide how their store looks, feels and performs. This means there is little restriction to what users can do on their store making it a popular option.


Shopify isn’t like most platform because it functions on a unique code. This means users can do a lot on their store but experience restrictions to some of their operation. Users need to contact their platform support when they need certain things changed or modified.

There is a difference between both e-commerce platforms this is evident in their control. While woocommerce is recommended for those who desire no restrictions in their store users who don’t mind the restrictions can utilize Shopify 

4.    Customization and features 

This deals with how apps, themes and plugins are integrated on both platforms. Most platforms have specific ways of implementing this feature.


On woocommerce plugins and themes are the order of the day. There are several themes available online from third-party creators. These plugins and themes can be free or paid, users decide what they need on their site. 


Shopify has a devoted app store that offers users access to several paid and free apps. Just like woocommerce, multiple apps exist for customers to select from based on the function needed. Paid apps are bought or subscription plans are purchased for their use.

They both have a rich trove of apps and plugins beginners can use to design and modify their store. Considering their customization and features woocommerce edges Shopify a bit due to the difference in apps available. 

5.    Payment method 

When you run an e-commerce store you must have an exceptional payment method that allow hitch freeways of accepting money from clients. A terrific e-commerce platform should have a proper structure established that protects both clients and users.


The open-source essence of this platform means users decide what payment methods they want to utilize on their store. That being said there are plugins for PayPal, stripe and other payments gateways to make things easier for clients.


Shopify has a dedicated payment method for users to utilize in their store. They can also decide to implement third-party payment methods. Customers are charged for using this payment method which reduces contingent on the plan subscribed to.

They both possess payment systems that rely on their strengths as e-commerce builders. Users have to decide which payment method fits right with their store plan.


These two platforms are great for beginners who want to run an e-commerce store. They are both unique and provide their users with an easy way to build a functional store. Beginners who want flexibility and range are advised to use woo-commerce. Those who like working in an enclosed system with dedicated customer support should use Shopify and contact Exit digital marketing team today to start your e-commerce journey.



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