Top 10 Startup Businesses in Australia (2023)


Owing to their distinct value, several successful Australian companies have garnered international acclaim. This provides us with a little glimpse into the infinite possibilities of Australia’s startup industry in the future. When it comes to entrepreneurship and innovation, Australia’s top startups have set the bar pretty high. Some are gearing up for competition, while others are set to take over as industry leaders.

Here are the top 10 startup businesses in Australia:

  1. Canva

Canva is a popular graphic design tool used by designers all over the world. This thriving Australian startup has a market value of USD $1 billion. Melanie Perkins, Canva’s co-founder, and CEO is an Australian native and one of the world’s most influential young CEOs.

Canva’s success has been based on providing simple, drag-and-drop software that allows customers to create their own visual designs. The business has a staff of over 900 employees, composed of engineers, marketing, customer support, product managers, and obviously, designers.
  1. 99Designs

99designs is among the world’s biggest marketplace for graphic designers, founded in 2008 by Matt Mickiewicz. He is most well-known for co-founding Flippa and SitePoint. 99designs connects over 22,000 graphic artists with companies in over 190 countries. The company was founded in Melbourne and is valued at $58 million. Clients may use the platform to discover the ideal designer by having the platform handle the briefings procedure. This implies that each brief is assigned to the appropriate designer. It also manages payments and guarantees that all design copyrights are handed to the project’s owner after it’s finished.

  1. TheIconic

the iconic is a well-known fashion shop in Australia. The business was founded by Cameron Votan and Adam Jacobs and received $26 million in early investment from Rocket Internet, a digital powerhouse. The startup is well-known in Melbourne and Sydney because of its 3-hour delivery strategy. It also has a 100-day return policy, which is a huge advantage. It also provides free delivery on orders above $47.

  1. Shippit

Shippit employs algorithms to connect businesses with the finest carriers. The startup describes itself as the world’s easiest shipping platform. When the pandemic struck, the company rapidly adapted to working remotely, and its revenue grew at a 3x rate for 2020, owing to a shift in customer behavior. It has now turned a profit for the previous five months. This startup’s business is steadily growing, and it has already collaborated with industry heavyweights such as Mail Call Courier, Australia Post, TNT, and others.

  1. Prospa

Prospa specializes in small company internet financing. It has performed so successfully in this area that it is currently Australia’s top small business lender. Small firms may borrow up to AU$300,000 and receive money in as little as 24 hours. Since its inception, Prospa has provided capital to over 26,000 SMEs, totaling over AU$1.4 billion.

  1. JudoBank

This startup business bank offers small and medium-sized businesses funding as well as services to help them grow. In recent times, it doubled its number of staff, expanded into Perth, was dubbed a unicorn with a total value of over $1 billion, and achieved profit margins in record time. Small company owners can apply for loans anywhere from AUD 250000. Judo Bank’s financial offerings include financial leases, equipment loans, credit lines, and lending facilities to assist enterprises in growing. With a goal of growing its network, the bank is now operating in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

  1. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is a startup in Sydney that made news in 2014 when it received over $250 million in early investment. To make this email marketing firm a huge success, it required a decade of consistent effort and hard labor. The company was founded by Dave Greiner and Ben Richardson. It currently employs over 250 people and has locations in Sydney, San Francisco, and London. Small-to-medium-sized businesses are the company’s main focus despite the fact that digital powerhouses like Buzzfeed and Rolling Stone have made it a priority.

  1. AfterPay

Afterpay is a well-known Australian startup that was founded in 2014 and has transformed the way people pay in Australia. The firm, which was founded by Nick Molnar, is a simple payment system that allows anybody to pay in four equal fortnightly payments. This business has collaborated with Australia’s major stores to promote a better and simpler means of making payments. Afterpay allows customers to pay in installments which means if they pay their monthly installments on time, the service is completely free. Payment fees are also regulated, making Afterpay a transparent credit option.

  1. AppBot

Appbot, which was founded in 2013, is a software company that assists in the management of application reviews. From the study of app reviews, this firm has become the world’s finest app developer in an attempt to comprehend the demands of their consumers. This startup primarily benefits product developers, product managers, and customer support teams. Appbot is simple to use and makes responding to Google Play reviews a breeze.

  1. Employment Hero

Employment Hero develops software to assist small and medium-sized enterprises with all aspects of employee management, including HR, engagement, and payroll. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the startup set up a COVID-19 resource hub to assist small companies and switched its own workforce to a completely remote approach. Employment Hero will continue to be a remote-first company in the future.


Australia has all of the characteristics of a flourishing startup economy. Cities like Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne have risen to prominence as promising hotbeds of technological innovation. As a result, numerous successful Australian companies have grown into worldwide brands. Every entrepreneur will find plenty of inspiration from the above list of Australian startup businesses.

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