Best Tips to keep your website secure in 2023

Tips to keep your website secure

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Your website is one of the most important components of your presence online. Whether you have a website for your personal portfolio, for your business or simply a blog, your website plays a vital role in connecting you to your audiences. A site that is well built will give you the viewership you want on your site as it will attract customers. After visiting Exit Digital Marketing Agency Perth for web design services, you will have a good up-and-running website that will make you stand out from the crowd.

However if you do not take steps to keep your website secure, you will also attract hackers who will want to ruin your website. Any malware on your website will not be beneficial to your brand as it will not only put your data at risk, but it could also make your website crash and you will lose the money you put in for website design Perth. Here are some ways that you can keep your website secure and away from hackers.

Your website secure can be guaranteed by using these methods.

Install SSL

One of the simplest ways that you can improve the security of your website is to install an SSL certificate. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and it is a badge that shows that your website has an encrypted SSL protocol which means that data passing between your visitors and your site like login details are secure. The significance of this is that it protects the information of your users and makes it challenging for anyone who is trying to access your website without authorization to go through.

The good thing about SSL is that it not only gives your website some security boost, but it also helps in SEO since Google tends to rank secure websites that have the SSL higher. SSL should be a high priority for you especially if you are transferring files or accepting payments through your website. You need to find a website builder that understands SSL and for we design Perth, Exit Digital Marketing Agency is the place to visit.

Use secure passwords

We use passwords so often that we can sometimes forget how important they are. Sometimes, a password is all that stands in the way of a hacker that is trying to get to your website. Majority of people who have had their websites attacked stated that it was their passwords that were compromised. Tale time to think of a string password to use when logging into your website. You could use different characters, make long passwords or combine different unrelated phrases to make your password stronger.

If you can’t come up with a strong password on your own, make use of a password management app that will suggest some strong and complex passwords that you can use for your website. Make sure that you do not share your password around and change it regularly to boost the security of your site.

Keep your website software up to date

No matter which platform you opt for hosting you website, updates should be one of the most important things that you do to keep your website secure. Look for updates on your plugin’s, your server’s operating system and on other software. If you do not have regular updates, you will be leaving your site open to attacks from hackers so staying on top of updates should be a priority. Exit Digital Marketing Agency can help you with updates after offering you some web design services Perth. If you have a WordPress site, you need to have updates run on the core of your WordPress software and on any installed plugin’s.

Use Anti-Malware software or web application firewall

There are different kinds of firewall that you can install to help keep your website secure. Some are all software while others nay include some hardware. They keep a tab on the traffic coming in and out of your website server and create a buffer for attempts to hack into your website. If you have a website that involves transferring sensitive data or files, you need to do all you can to keep that information secure and a firewall is one of the ways you can do this. You should identify the vulnerabilities of your website and address them immediately.

Safeguard your databases and files

You have taken all the necessary measures to keep your website secure, but there’s one more step – backing up your data. A back up is a copy of your files and databases that you can access in case anything goes wrong. You can set up a frequency in backing up your data and the more frequently you do it the better.

Go for backups that are both off site and on site so that if you got attacked, recovery would be smooth. While on site backups are in a server, off site backups keep your databases and files away from hackers in a secure location. Some of the ways you can back up your website is by using a backup service, using a web host that has backing up in its plans or simply using plugins that can help you manage your backup of preferences.

Don’t make it easy for the hackers

You have installed all the necessary software and backed up your data and files and you’re sure that hackers cannot access your website.  Hackers are getting more sophisticated so you also need to up your game when it comes to keeping them away from accessing your website. Here are some other ways that you can keep your website secure:

  • Do not click on email links that seem suspicious. If you get an email that doesn’t seem right, delete it right away.
  • Be aware of using open Internet connections especially if you are working in an open space.
  • Only allow verified professionals to have access to your website. Do not let just anyone in Perth have a look at that technical issue you’ve been having.



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